Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beauty In The Eye of The Beholder

Lost in her book, the old lady’s appearance in her shop of once loved items became an annoyance. Take what you will and go! Yes, you can have that distraught teddy bear for a pittance! Just take it and be gone! The old lady seemed bedazzled and lost in delicious memories of a time lost in the pages of a school girls’ diary. Clutching the musty mementoes to her bosom, she weaved her way slowly to the cash register. With trembling hands, she counted out the neatly folded bills that would finalize the transaction that would make these treasures hers.

Smiling, she gathered up the change and dropped it in her bag. “It’s a lovely night. I am sorry to have disturbed you. Go back to your book.”

Her smile and the twinkle in her eye left no doubt that there was nothing malicious in her statement, and so, with the closing of the front door, she returned to her novel.

The air was thick with scents. Magnolia, Cypress, Spanish Moss, but none as intoxicating as the deep rich earth that permeated all. It carried on the night winds, soft and sultry. The chorus of bullfrogs echoed through the Louisiana night. These were heady smells.

Charles stared down at the gardens, dark shadows now blanketing the riotous colours that would come with sunrise. As he rose, the moonlight seemed to fill the room with an exquisite glow. Sumptuous, and erotic. Bathed in this golden hue, his body tensed at the sight that lay before him. Muscles taught, his blond hair, wild and untamed, dampened by the perspiration of unbridled wanton desire. His eyes turned to her. To Madelien. Her raven hair, tangled, falling over the pillows. Her soft breathing, lost in some unknown dream. The silk sheet, half draped over her nakedness. One perfect breast, exposed, and the shimmer in the moonlight of sweet summer sweat.

Her beauty was undeniable. His need was without question. His manhood stiffening in the eroticism of the moment, he let forth his tongue, and drew it from the bottom most part of her lower back and languidly worked his way her shoulders. Her soft sigh left no doubt as to his prowess in the ministrations that Charles knew all too well. Her salty taste on his lips was too much to bear. The kiss was savage. Biting lips and burning lust! Turning, and giving in to her own desires, Charles seized her and devoured her as he had with no other woman.

Lying in that four poster bed, the spires reaching out; like a fortress of secret dreams, Charles and Madelien fell; spent; to dream dreams that only lovers may. And all the scents of Cypress and Magnolia and Spanish moss, but most of all, the earth; the deep rich earth of Louisiana, and the chorus of the bullfrogs, as deep sleep fell.