Monday, February 22, 2010

The Grey Time

The Grey Time

In the grey time, I come to you,
when the shadows of the night give way to the creeping gold
that is to be the day,
The city sleeps, and the mist rises over the mountains, dreams untold,
babies breath, the stir before the awakening.

Looking out onto this grey, stark landscape, I turn
and see the beauty that lies just within my grasp,
the smoke from my cigarette wafts, and I know I'm home,
in the arms of my love, the city will awake, the sun will shine,
and I, once again, will love and be loved.


CathM said...

"babies breath, the stir before the awakening..." - what a beautiful line, and I get a real sense of wonder and contentment for a city.

Rogue said...

Awwww,,, Thank you for stopping by Cath. I missed you.