Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Embrace The Wind

Deep forest greens
block blue summer skies
and drop us in pearls of dew,
the moon wanes
the sun rides high
morning mists give way to the daylillies sigh

The gardener stands watch
His day, yet to begin
Surveys that, which his hands have wrought,
With scents as seductive
As the original sin
Natures battle, well won, fiercely fought

Soft blow the winds
As azure skies
Split the nights retreat,
Fat fuschias, periwinkles,
Morning glories and moonglows,
Our senses to entreat

Ancient oaks, frilly ferns,
Pretty primroses
All in a row
Daisy chains
And gin scented pines,
In abundance, flourish and grow.

The gardener smiles
His face weathered and worn
Giving proof to efforts untold,
Loving care
Unto natures wrath,
Unto this Eden, he has bartered his soul.

Rotund tomatoes
Fat on the vine
Red, luscious and sweet,
Basil, summer savoury, lemon thyme,
Smells to assail the senses
In the hazy summer heat

In the cool shade
Of the Weeping Willow,
Her tentacles loving embrace,
By a lazy river
In deep cool grass,
As sensual as leather and lace.

Unto all this
The gardeners embrace
Delicious and sublime
Sight, smell, touch, trace,
He caresses the face of The Devine


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