Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One with the World

The night clings to me,
her embrace, loving and dark
I am a child at her breast
suckling her splendor, startling and stark.

Filled with the knowledge of ages,
lulled into sleep
cooing songs of dying stars
bathed in the universes undying heat
Mother and child
one with all time
I reach out and grab one moment
forever, this will be mine

I close my eyes
as blackness prevails
to sleep dreamless nights
as the universe unveils
the course she has taken
left only to poets tales
billowy and lofty
as pirate sails
and all is well, glasses raised in hail!

We are nourished
We are well
without fault
We cannot fail
into dreams I fall
as November winds swirl
I am one with the universe
One, with the world


cheryl said...

I have read this a few times and still find peace in it. It should be required reading before bedtime :)

annell said...

Very nicely done, Rogue! To hold the moment, it's mine. Wonderful stuff!