Sunday, February 27, 2011


Your love is my beacon
the crashing waves, your song of love
siren of the harbor
soaring lullaby off cliff and cove

Bring me home again
to your wild green isle
where once we loved and were loved
besot, bemused, beguiled

Bring me safely to your shores
my wanderlust is quenched
raise up your soul in song
from the black velvet ocean, my vessel wretched

I will travel no more
my adventure is at its end
my treasure is found
as darkness descends

Your love is my beacon
to light my way
the stars pale in comparison
home, home again, never to stray

Let your beacon shine bright
in the dark autumn night
turn darkness to light
blindness to sight

Your love is my beacon

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cheryl said...

Dannnngggg Rogue, gorgeous !

Just said...

Very nice! I especially liked this line:

Besot, bemused, beguiled

Lush and rich images. Glad I stopped by.

Foxies Lair said...


Karen said...

Simply beautiful and quite moving.

Rogue said...

Thank you all. I appreciate your stopping by.

Reflections said...

Gorgeous images, stunning beauty... resilience in the arms of love.

Rogue said...

Thank you so much Reflections. I apprciate it.

Jingle Poetry said...


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