Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh great silvery celestial orb. Wilst thou not be my witness? Hear my confession, for I have naught but lust and desire and a love for one who knows not that I exist.

You, who doth chase the sun from the very heavens, wilst thou now forsake me and leave me the tormented dreams of unrequited love?

Oh cruel moon, absolve me. Bathe me in your glow and wash away the ache. Food turns to ash in my mouth; wine to water; color to dust. You smile. Can it be my foolishness that so amuses thee?

You seek to anger me? Best be aware oh great heralder of the stars, my plight is also thine! You beguile young lovers; add shimmer to fields of oats and barley and lull the peasants into a false sense wonder and adoration.

You are a deceiver! Witches and Warlocks dance naked in your light; unashamed. Satyrs and nymphs perform their pagan rituals; their sex enflamed and engorged.

Hath thou no shame? And still you smile at my anguish? Thine light shines bright but leaves me cold.

Old fool, be gone! Away!

I call on the golden orb of day to smite thee with its golden rays.

Rise no more in the black skies! I call on the stars to devour you and spit you out!
Shine no more! False promises of love art thine black legacy!

Smile no more!

No more!

No more I say!

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Meryl Jaffe said...

"Hath thou no shame? And still you smile at my anguish? Thine light shines bright but leaves me cold."

I love how you turn this around and change your emotions, and I find the moon's smiling at your anguish so visual.

Nice poem. I look forward to more.


Gaurang Rao said...

Great words! Check this for another prompt giving blog -

Rogue said...

Thank you Meryl. I had a lot of fun doing this.

Rogue said...

Thank you Gaurang. I will certainly check out your prompt blog.

Jingle said...

playful story...


Foxies Lair said...

Shakespearian,love it! Very beautiful as it took me back to a time I never was,,,
But give the moon a chance, she might surprize you lol

Anonymous said...

i loved it.

i wanted to share mine w you.

Dan Baker said...

Hi Mate,

It's been a while, I hope you are well.

Great piece, how many of us in solidude have confedt to the moon!

Dan Baker said...

Hi mate, just wanted to pop by and say hope you are feeling better! Gotta hate them man-colds! They're no ordinary colds those ones lol.

Just Robin said...

I simply cannot get enough of this one. I read it at least once a day if not more. It is my favorite.