Sunday, June 19, 2011


I stared as the music tumbled and fell
through my fingers, sticky and wet
warm honey.
And where the notes hit the ground
great choral overtures rose savage and sweet.

Lifted high into the summer skies
on gossamer wings.
enfolding the morning in its magical embrace.
Unicorns danced, snow white
in a field of emerald green grasses and ferns
to a long lost tune of the last zephyr
the wind and music embraced me
holding me close to her breast
smiling, knowing.

In my hand, one single note
the name of the wind.
Opening my hand, I blew softly
and the silver seed swirled, kissed my cheek
then gently danced off into a world of discovery.

And, I smiled.

Inspired by Bradley Deans The Windchimes.
Listen for yourself and dream.


Hence72 said...

hey, great blog. i'd love for you to come visit some time and let me know what you think

Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful!