Saturday, April 28, 2012


She really hadn’t planned on spending Friday night at some loud bar; getting hit on by every loser asshole looking for some easy conquest. However, the phone call from Vivvy with Mel screeching in the background over the thumping beats of Lady Gaga left her no choice. Vivvy would simply not take no for an answer!

“Wild, you simply must come! There are some really hot guys here! Mel even wore her lucky Friday night panties! And we both know what that means! Get your ass down here girl; pronto!“ Vivvy was always such a forceful bitch; but a lovable one all the same.

So, here she was. Scouting around the bar looking for her two best friends; preparing herself to give Vivvy a piece of her mind for having made her get out of her PJ’s and the vat of Ben & Jerry’s that now remained unfinished in her freezer at home.

“Wild! Over here!” Crap! Vivvy’s voice was way too loud! More than a few heads turned and her cheeks bloomed at the unwanted attention.

Scurrying over to the small table, she hurriedly sat and glared at Vivvy. “You are such a pain in the ass Vivvy! I told you this afternoon that I didn’t want to come here! But noooooooo! You never take no for an answer! Sometimes, I could just…”

“Kiss me?” Vivvy always knew how to make me giggle, and now was no exception as the giggle fits set in.

“I was thinking more about smacking the back of those Calvins, but I guess kissies will work. Hey, what’s up with her?”

Vivvy followed my stare across the table to Mel, who by all appearances was lost in her own world; a wicked glint in her dark eyes and a lascivious half smile on her face. WE both turned our eyes to follow her stare and wham! What a jarring sight to behold! I barely heard Vivvy’s quiet remarks, “that, my drooling little tarts, is the fucking mother lode!”

Six feet of perfection! Tousled black hair; thick eyebrows; a crisp white high collared shirt with the first three buttons undone; expensive designer jeans, tight enough to see the most squeezable ass in the world and expensive leather shoes. My nipples instantly rose to attention and I had to shut my mouth fast to stop any drool from escaping down my chin. The worst part was the woman he was dancing with! My, could she be any more gorgeous? The bitch!

She leaned in close to Mr. Hunk and said something quietly, and he reared his head and laughed. Oooooooooo, my happy place got even happier as I saw his mouth open to show sparkling teeth, the eye teeth slightly longer than the rest. Holy crap! Maybe he’s a vampire! Now that’s hot! My nipples are now bouncing with joy and giving high fives at the thought of the love bites those teeth could inflict. My happy place is getting happier by the moment and I am beginning to think that I should have worn a panty liner tonight.

Abruptly, my reverie ends as the song finishes and Mr. Hunk and the Elfin bitch leave the dance floor. The spell broken, it seems that Vivvy, myself and Mel have not taken a breath in the last three minutes and we all suck in air at the same time as we blink at each other! Vivvy looks at me then to Mel, and states matter of factly “I don’t know about you girls, but I think I just had an orgasm! I feel like a cigarette, and I don’t even smoke!”

Mel breaks out in a fit of giggles and we all start giggling hysterically when I ask if either of them have any panty liners in their purses.

“Excuse me ladies, compliments of Mr. St Clair.” The waiter puts the round of drinks down and discreetly turns and leaves as we all stare at the drinks as though they were hemlock. ”Mr. St Clair? Who the hell is that?” Vivvy doesn’t have to wait long for her answer.

“That would be me. Good evening ladies.” Vivvy grabs Mels hand to try to stop her from going into convulsions! I grab Vivvy’s hand to stop her from jumping onto Mr. St Clairs’ face with her crotch. Unfortunately, no one grabs my hand, so, I simply sit there grinning like an idiot! Crap! Say something wild! I have no spit left in my mouth!

“Hello Mr. St Clair, and thank you for the drinks.” Shit! That came out far too squeaky! My nipples have beaten a hasty retreat with all this embarrassment and my happy place is boarding up the shutters. “Not at all. But please, call me Max.” As he hands is hand out to me, I look into his face and see the most amazing surf green eyes hooded by those delicious full eyebrows. I feel dizzy. I realize that he has not taken his hand away and I still hold it. Holy shit Wild, could you be any more of a dork?

“Um, excuse me. I am Wild, and this is Vivvy and Mel.” He shakes both their sweaty hands as I swear I can see drool escaping from the corner of Mels mouth and Vivvy closing her thighs and rubbing them back and forth, mindlessly. He turns his face back to me. Shit, what now?

“Wild is a strange name. Did your parents really call you wild?” All I can think of is well Mr. St Clair, come back to my apartment and we shall see if I can live up to my name! But I think better of it and decide to tell the truth.  “My real name is Rose. I was a Tom boy as a child, so everyone called me wild Rose. I don’t know, but as I got older, everyone just dropped the Rose and started calling me Wild.” Well, that went ok. At least I have my voice back. Max smiles at me and suddenly my happy place is hanging out a white flag!

“Would you care to dance with me Wild?” What? Who? Me? Mel and Vivvy snap their heads to glare at me with venom in their eyes as my nipples start doing their happy dance and my happy place pulls out a squeegee from somewhere! “What about your girlfriend? The girl you were just dancing with?” Shit! Did I really just say that? My happy place is getting ready to hit me with the handle of the squeegee and my nipples are looking around for rocks to throw. His laugh nearly makes me faint! I could get so totally lost in that laugh. Oh and his eyes. Did I mention those eyes? I am picturing love bites. Gads! Focus Wild! This is too fucking hot for words!

“She isn’t my girlfriend. Her name is Janey and she is my cousin visiting with my Uncle and Aunt from the Hamptons for a few days”. Did he really just say the Hamptons? Before I can respond; or swallow for that matter; I am dragged out onto the dance floor where Max smiles, turns his head and nods at the DJ. Procol Harem’s, A Whiter Shade Of Pale begins to play as I melt into his arms, feeling his jeans pressed hard against my happy place. My face buried in his chest. If this is all that really happens tonight; this moment; with my face buried in Max’s chest with his designer jeans grinding into my happy place; I will die happy! But it won’t end here…

Inspired by Wild at Theme Thursday


Mrsupole said...

Geez, I want to go to that "Happy Place". I am ready for the book. Although I just realized that my post was about "A Wild Rose" and it is nothing like your Wild Rose. Yup, I am still wanting to go to that Happy Place and just.....okay that part was x-rated, I think. LOL

A very Happy Place Wild Theme Thursday to you.

God bless.

Just Robin®™ said...

More! More! More!!!