Monday, October 11, 2010

A beautiful day

A beautiful day here! Blue skies and temperatures around 11C ( that’s around 50ish in Americanese ). The fall colours are breathtaking, but I will have to pull out the rake sooner or later. Preferably later. I came home from work, ( yes, I am an A type workaholic ) and rushed out to the garden. I slashed back everything! I was dressed for the weather, but suddenly realized that I was NOT dressed for the work! Got a tad sweaty, so I thought I would take a run to the wine store to find a naughty lil bottle of Merlot for some later scribblings in the sun. Well what do you know! I found some Rogue beer! Honestly! Well, I couldn’t resist. Oh,, I also bought a little bottle of the naughtiess Merlot you can buy.

People are out walking babies and dogs. Didn’t see many walking cats though. Go figure. Lots of overweight people in Spandex doing the “speedwalkies” thing. Spandex should be outlawed for anyone over the age of 21.

The back yard now looks kinda barren and forlorn. I may have been a tad zealous there. The squirrels have quizzical looks on their faces as though asking me, “ what the hell ya do man???” Screw them, they only drive Queen Daisy nuts! Did I mention our Daisy? A Maltese, all of maybe 5 pounds and the attitude of a Rottweiler. She rules Castle Rogue with an iron fist.

I have been marinating a pork roast in the fridge since this morning. I think Daisy can smell it. She constantly looks at the fridge with an orgasmic expression. I have the weirdest dog on the planet. I should get back to that Louise Penny novel I have been trying hard to read. Where does the time go? Ok, time to get the roast in. I cut all the herb garden back today, so no shortage of fresh herbs here. Toodles kids, see you all soon!


Foxies Lair said...

Sounds like you were at peace with the world,there.I could sense that 'end of summer feeling" where you ,as autumn does to summer,savour and enjoy the harvest of life. Hugs to Daisy eh.

Dan Baker said...

Andy, loved reading this one! Autumn is one of my favourite times because of the colour :) Sounds like it was a cracking day there when you wrote this. Personally, I think Spandex should b outlawed fullstop lol there is just to much collateral damage from those who wear them but shouldn’t. You just can't trust people to use them responsibly lol. Speedo's or budgie smugglers in Aus) should also be outlawed! lol.

I really like your take on life also, coming home from work, doing some gardening and then a sneaky beer or wine in the sun while scribbling. Nice and simple and soul cleansing I think. I'll let others immerse themselves in all the complexities of this world.